Our Team

CSG is made up of an exceptional team. Everyone we work with brings a unique lens and experienced grasp to the development and real estate industry. Let us work together to help grow your business!


Jason Vance

Hello! I’m Jason, CSG’s CEO and Concept Champion. I love coming to work every day to learn about organizations and seeing the results from our marketing services, knowing we make a difference. I use a combination of education and curiosity to help clients find a path to achieve their objectives and to bring a return on their investment. I’m a serial entrepreneur, adventurous, and fun! We have tons of fun here at CSG, but what makes me happiest is hiking and camping with my awesome family!

I also work for our sister company, BubbleUp Marketing.


Brenda Delurey

Hi! I’m Brenda Delurey, an account director and new-ideas virtuoso! I’ve worked in marketing for my entire career and have plenty of experience helping clients in a variety of industries grow their sales, reputation and general awareness. At work, I always encourage off-the-wall ideas – you’ll often hear me saying “Hear me out” and “How can we make it work”. My main skill is bringing everything together into a cohesive well documented plan! I work a lot with our operations team, and I love helping them grow into their greatness! To me, empowerment is the process of building confidence. Empowering others builds self-esteem and a can-do attitude. When I’m not helping our clients reach their marketing goals, travelling will always fill my bucket. The world is so vast and with so much to see and do, and I find it really helps bring life into perspective. Although I love my job and the work we do, I’m always excited to turn on my next vacation responder!

I also work for our sister company, BubbleUp Marketing.


Ceone Fournier

Hello there! My name is Ceone and I am part of CSG’s fabulous sales team. My favourite part of my job is meeting with clients and helping them reach their goals as well as the great camaraderie with the Opportunity Creators. I’m a critical thinker, relentless, and empathetic and use these qualities to help our clients! I would recommend Robert Service’s poetry to anyone for the adventure and showcase of the amazing human spirit within. When I’m not making connections with people, I love to light fires — literally — as the calming flames, especially on the beach, make me happy!

I also work for our sister company BubbleUp Marketing. 

E: ceone@csg.ca


Erica Foster

Hello! My name is Erica and I’m CSG’s ‘Herder of Cats’. What that means is I help keep our office nice and organized while also addressing our clients’ needs and getting them in touch with the right feral cats, I mean team members. I love working at CSG as it provides a space for me to keep things organized, constantly learn, as well as spend time with my fantastic coworkers. I’m incredibly motivated to get things done, I think one of the things I’m best at is accomplishing a job efficiently and effectively – other than the great pot of spaghetti I make! When I’m not herding the cats in the office, you can find me in my happy place which is any time I can spend with my family, or on a paddleboard!


Andrew Sebok

Hey! I’m Andrew and I’m CSG’s resident IT crowd. I love the environment here as everyone is friendly, willing to help, and there’s treats! I specialize in asking people if they’ve tried turning their computers off and on again, and if that doesn’t work, I am happy to talk through any tech issues to find a solution. Whether a client needs a video walkthrough or step by step instructions, I do my best to empower them to learn how to complete the task at hand. I love playing with my cat, Benji, he is excellent at wearing bowties and runs his own Instagram.

I also work for our sister company BubbleUp Marketing.


Lydia Fleming

Hi there! My name is Lydia and I am one of the content creators at CSG. What I love most about working here is that I am never bored as the work is always changing, as well as the great people I work with! Three words I think describe me well are methodical, logical, and wordsmith — I love crafting a good sentence! My favourite book to recommend to people is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It’s an amazing science fiction novel that clearly shows the danger in making judgements about someone simply because we don’t understand them.

I also work for our sister company BubbleUp Marketing.


Beth Sopracolle

Hi! I’m Beth and I’m part of CSG’s spectacular design team. I love the fun atmosphere here at the office where everyone is friendly, even though I’m always cold! I’m definitely the best cold person in the office, my desk gloves and blanket can prove it. I am insightful, a perfectionist, and a chocohaulic, and I use these to fuel my designs and make them the best they can be (chocolate is the best motivator). When I’m not fighting with photoshop, my favourite thing to do is save the world in a video game.

I also work for our sister company, BubbleUP Marketing.


Amanda Graf

Hello there, I’m Amanda! As one of CSG’s Sentence Sorcerers, I very much enjoy bolstering great brands with great words. As a lover of stories myself, I know how important it is to apply the right narrative to establish trust and build lasting relationships. I love empowering my coworkers and clients as not only does it help motivate everyone around me, but it also builds my own self-confidence and growth. Both at work and in my personal life, I love getting lost in a good story. Whether it’s a movie (Ghostbusters is my absolute favourite), book, TV show, or just an interesting recount from a friend, there are few things I appreciate more than a great tale – other than hanging out with my beautiful daughter of course.

I also work for our sister company BubbleUp Marketing.


Andrzej Zadora

Hey there! My name’s Andrzej (you can’t pronounce it — trust me, just use AJ) and I’m the senior ad buyer here at Consumer Strategies Group. My favourite thing about working at CSG is the rewarding feeling you get when you see that the campaign you’ve developed and built from scratch is performing for your client. Our team is all about empowerment to help us grow and reach our full potential, and my experience, drive for perfection, and continuous investment in learning helps with that! I’m happiest when I’m on the soccer pitch or golfing (but if my wife sees this, it’s when I’m spending time with the family, of course).

I also work for our sister company, BubbleUP Marketing.

Code Whisperer


Hello! I’m Dennis and I am one of the mighty web workers here at CSG. I love the great work environment here, as well as the fantastic coffee options from espresso to Vietnamese drip! What makes me the best web developer is the fact that I use five monitors, but also the fact that I approach development with a calm, positive, and collaborative attitude. Watching movies with my family and eating beef brisket makes me the happiest, and I would definitely recommend The Usual Suspects, just because everyone needs to know who Keysor Söze is.

I also work for our sister company, BubbleUP Marketing.

Pantones Pirate


Hello! My name is Penny and I make up part of the design team here. What I love about CSG is that my job allows me to be creative and work with fantastic clients! I enjoy collaborating directly with clients so I can meet their needs and come up with designs that will benefit their businesses. I would describe myself as creative, quiet, and a bit geeky! I love the Harry Potter series, both books and movies, for the fantastic visuals and the fun and engaging story. When I’m not at work, spending time with my kids and painting makes me happiest.

I also work for our sister company, BubbleUP Marketing.



Hi there! My name is Dana and I am CSG’s Number Ninja, which means I keep everything in the office running smoothly. What I love about working at CSG is the positive and fun atmosphere – I’m outgoing and love a good joke, so it’s a great fit! CSG is all about empowering others, which to me means that I can help people see the best in themselves while still encouraging them to grow outside their comfort zone. I love travelling, Malta is my favourite place in the world with Paris being a close second. When I’m not scouring deals for my next trip, I love to spend time with my family or eat a juicy blue-rare steak.

I also work for our sister company, BubbleUP Marketing.

Brand Connoisseur


Hello! My name is Richela and I am a digital marketing strategist here at CSG. I enjoy putting together fun and meaningful stories for brands and doing all work extraordinarily — my philosophy is to value quality in everything, even the small tasks. I am reliable, adventurous, and resourceful, and use these qualities to help clients accomplish their goals. I always recommend a book entitled Why Men Love Bitches to my girlfriends. The title is quite deceiving as it’s a good read about the importance of self-respect and self-worth. Going on adventures with my friends makes me super happy, as do sweet treats. I’m always up for dessert runs!

I also work for our sister company, BubbleUP Marketing.

Pantones Pirate


Hello! I’m Curtis and I’m one of the designers here at CSG. My coworkers here make this job fantastic as everyone is fun and friendly and our office feels more like a family than ‘people from work’. My attention to detail and outside-of-the box thinking have always served me well in my designs, as does our key value in empowering clients, which to me means helping them gain the freedom to do things they couldn’t before. Outside of work, I love camping and fishing with my family — I’m still trying to figure out how my top skill in catching trout can be added to my resume!

I also work for our sister company, BubbleUP Marketing.

Content Chameleon


Hey, I’m Tama and I’m a Content Chameleon here at CSG – also known as ‘the social media guy’. I really like working here as everyone is supportive and encourages me to try new things and speak up about my ideas. CSG really values the success of their clients as well as everyone on the team! I really appreciate technical skills, I’m very particular, and I value high quality, but I also think I can be a pretty chill team member. When I’m not coming up with creative campaigns and posts for clients, making art definitely makes me the happiest, especially photography!

I also work for our sister company, BubbleUP Marketing.

Sentence Sorcerer


Hi! My name is Megan and I am one of CSG’s Sentence Sorcerers, which means I write things so you don’t have to! I love that CSG works with such a variety of companies and industries – there are so many opportunities to learn about new things while creating content to support our clients’ needs. If I were to describe myself in a few words, I would say I’m curious, dedicated, and teachable. I love research and will always have the most detailed notes on projects in case something is missing! When I’m not writing up a storm, my favourite things to do are play piano or go for a drive, it’s a coin toss which one I prefer!

I also work for our sister company, BubbleUP Marketing.

Efficiency Conductor


Why, hello! My name is Christine and I am CSG’s ‘Efficiency Conductor’ which is fun business speak for helping make sure our internal and external reports are clear and accurate and ensuring that our amazing team stays on track and helps our clients as best they can! I would describe myself as enthusiastic, detail-oriented, and positive, and it makes me happy to help others succeed, so this is an amazing role for me. When I’m not working through my never ending email list, I love spending time playing music (I play several instruments) or hanging out with the best pup in the world, my dog Hank.

I also work for our sister company, BubbleUP Marketing.

Digital Marketing Dynamo


Hi there! My name is Sura and I’m an SEO and digital ads specialist here at CSG. Some of my favourite parts of working here are the flexibility, supportive work culture, and how we all like to learn from each other. I think it’s important to approach work with patience, kindness, self-discipline, and positive thinking! One book I’d recommend to anyone is Wings of Fire: An Autobiography by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. This book is a masterpiece that provides inspiration and motivation for anyone seeking to do something extraordinary with their lives and achieve their dreams. When I’m not helping clients get the best cost-per-click on their ads, I love going for long drives!

I also work for our sister company, BubbleUP Marketing.

Opportunity Creator


Hey! I’m Dennis (commonly referred to as D2 around here) and I’m an Opportunity Creator for several of CSG’s sister companies, including Happy Ox Distributors, Virtually Interactive, and HouseLab. My favourite thing about working at CSG is the team’s diversity and fantastic skill set. Everyone is so friendly and gets along like family. This culture is hard to beat, as everyone is always on the same page. I excel at customer service, training, and sales – it’s a simple yet often overlooked principle that when we’re open and honest and able to actively listen to each other, the workplace flows so much easier! When I’m not helping customers make their dreams come true, you can find me at home with a pile of meat and my smoker, rebuilding just about anything, driving my sports car, or relaxing with the ultimate Marvel binge fest!

I also work for our sister company, BubbleUP Marketing.

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