Growing Roots in Maple Crest: A Marketing Success Story with Dream

“Collaborating with CSG has been a pleasure from start to finish. Their team’s positive energy and collaborative spirit made every interaction enjoyable. Beyond the experience, the noticeable marketing results, including increased traffic growth, makes them a highly recommended partner for successful marketing endeavors”. – Jon Chan, General Manager, Edmonton Land – Dream

About Dream

Established over 35 years ago, Dream has built a reputation for crafting exceptional neighbourhoods across Canada. As one of the country’s leading real estate companies, Dream’s expertise lies in designing family-friendly communities that enhance quality of life, and ensure long-term value for residents. 

Dream has successfully developed several highly sought-after communities in the greater Edmonton area, including Elan, Mill Creek Meadows, Meadowbrook Ravines, Tamarack, Laurel Green, and many more.  

Maple Crest is yet another residential development included in Dream’s impressive portfolio. This family-friendly community plays on the natural features and beauty of the land while offering a diverse array of modern home styles ideally suited to new Canadians and new homeowners alike.

The Challenge:

The most significant challenge posed to CSG’s real estate marketing team was promoting Maple Crest’s diverse product offerings across multiple demographics.  

From low-maintenance condos to million-dollar homes (and everything in between), CSG was tasked with marketing Maple Crest inventory to specific buyer personas, including first-time buyers, new Canadians, and existing southside residents considering a new construction home. 

In an already highly competitive Edmonton real estate market, Dream also recognized the need to differentiate itself from other developers in Southeast Edmonton. Additionally, Dream sought assistance conveying the unique home features available to Maple Crest home buyers, as well as the community’s unique setting and proximity to amenities.

Maple Crest by Dream entryway feature

The Solution:

Keeping Maple Crest’s varied home inventory and target demographics in mind, CSG set out to create a real estate marketing strategy that was both laser-focused and multifaceted. For starters, CSG kept their campaigns directed towards those already living in Southeast Edmonton with a keen understanding that buyers in Alberta tend to prefer to stay in their end of the city. As such, CSG was able to eliminate unnecessary ad spend and resources targeting other areas of the city where their efforts would prove less effective.

CSG’s ultra-targeted approach also extended to their ad strategy, which saw a series of carousel ads offering high-resolution showhome photos and pointed messaging. CSG also took Maple Crest’s nature-friendly branding into account by producing a popular lead magnet, highlighting the community’s many scenic walking trails. 

Other successful real estate marketing tactics used to promote Maple Crest included: 

  • Regular social media posts and community updates 
  • Targeted blogs and newsletters 
  • Community events 
  • Billboard and wayfinding signage design 
  • Programmatic, Google and Facebook ads  google, FB ads
  • Promotion thorough local amenities (i.e. Landmark Cinema) 
  • Photography 
  • Videography 

CSG was also able to use traditional ad sources to their advantage by targeting buyers through multicultural print news sources, industry magazines, and signage. 

The Results:

Over the last several years, CSG has helped Dream and Maple Crest distinguish themselves from their competitors via several marketing-related wins, including: 

Keywords: Maple Crest is currently ranking in the top five for keywords related to front garage homes, duplexes and detached garage homes for sale in South Edmonton, as well as “South Edmonton homes for sale”.

Website Ranking: Many of Maple Crest’s web pages, including “Showhomes” and “Quick Possessions,” have also achieved notably high rankings in Google. The site’s home style and amenity related pages are also driving traffic. 

Social Media and ENews: Maple Crest’s social channels have grown continuously over the years. Facebook has reached an impressive 800 followers, with this number increasing by approximately 10% every quarter. Instagram has also gained significant traction, with 1300 followers. 

Last but not least, Maple Crest’s e-newsletter sees continuous growth of roughly 30 new subscribers every few months. This is paired with a high open rate of approximately 35% and a very low unsubscribe rate. 

Overall, the Maple Crest development has been very successful, with stages selling out on time and as planned. Now in its final building stage, completion of Maple Crest is predicted within the next two years. With CSG at the helm, Maple Crest’s real estate marketing efforts have proven more than effective, with the results speaking for themselves. 

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