Marketing and real estate knowledge are the foundation of great service. Without a complete understanding of the products our industry creates, the economics of success and failure, consumer motivations, and the likely outcomes of actions, one cannot deliver any service to a professional standard.

Jim Malner


Professional consulting is the essence of CSG services. Our team of real estate marketing specialists is sustained by the agency’s proprietary research division to better articulate your business or product advantages through optimized strategy, superior creative and effective tactics that increase profits and mitigate costs.

Strategic Planning

CSG satisfies your marketing needs using in-house resources. Our one stop integrated marketing model leverages the critical success factors of your business with customized programs to yield superior outcomes. Great strategy comes from understanding variables that impact your product and brand, both pro and con. Our proprietary research and experience is that professional advantage.

Media Relations

Positive media relations and the coverage they afford your product, development brand or business must be professionally planned managed and executed. From positive coverage for your latest offering or innovation to executing an articulated crisis communications program, CSG can help you navigate the ever changing media landscape.


Stimulating buyer behaviour, motivations, or desires may at times require thoughtful, effective, promotions to achieve goals. However, they must be developed without destroying your bottom line.

CSG has a profound understanding of when and how to create promotions that impact target audiences by moving them to act far beyond the profit impacts incurred.

Media Planning

A rapidly evolving media environment requires professional insight into how new technologies, opportunities and channels should be integrated with traditional mediums to achieve optimum returns. CSG is at the forefront of integrated media planning designed to lower corporate and project media budgets by up to 25% using focused integrated plans that harness the most effective characteristics of both.

Event Marketing

Let people experience the unique benefits of your community, showhome, condominium, resort or shopping centre with a professionally planned targeted event.

This highly effective one to one relationship marketing practice dramatically increases retail traffic and creates momentum during launches, special promotions and key sales periods, where customer trial is required or when market conditions warrant it.



CSG works directly with managements in formulating effective, comprehensive, corporate communication strategies for any type of stakeholder relations, B2B requirements, customer services or public relations.

Public Relations

Persuading key stakeholders to approve and support your objectives or business is an essential part of the building and development industry. From corporate communications to key business partners, through approval processes and community relations, CSG offers almost three decades of experience to assist your company in moving its initiatives forward.